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Plagium API: If you own a Web site and desire to screen incoming text from your users, the Plagium Application Programming Interface (API) will enable your Web site to check the incoming text against possible reuse or theft. To obtain an API key, please click here.

Alerts: users with active Plagium accounts can input a text block for regularly recurring searches. This feature is useful for monitoring the propagation of syndicated articles, but it also can alert the user to possible unauthorized Web site or content copying.

Plagium Services Comparison:

Quick SearchDeep SearchUrl & File SearchWeekly Alerts
Sourcesweb, newsweb, newsweb, news, your filesweb, news
In depth searchNoYesYesYes
Online Detailed ReportNoYesYesYes
Printed ReportNoYesYesYes
Pricing $0.04 / 1000 characters $0.08 / 1000 characters $0.08 / 1000 characters (web & news)
$0.005 / 1000 characters (your files)
$0.08 / 1000 characters