Se aplican los siguientes precios:

Quick Search

$0.04 / page10

  • search for plagiarism

Deep Search

$0.08 / page10

  • in depth plagiarism check

File Search

$0.005 / page10

  • compare uploaded files

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The search credits are valid for a period of one year.
  2. $0.04 by 1000 characters for Quick Search.
  3. $0.08 by 1000 characters for Deep Search.
  4. $0.005 by 1000 characters for File Search.
  5. $0.05 by 1000 characters for AI Detection.
  6. Any unused credits that were purchased in a given month will be carried over to the next month. You will be able to carry over unused credits up to an amount that has been accumulated during the previous 11 running months. Any unused credits purchased beyond 11 months prior cannot be used and will not be refunded. Search credits that were purchased earlier will be consumed first.
  7. If your consumption of search credits exceeds the number of search credits purchased in a given month, you will be alerted to raise your monthly search credit purchase. You can also simply purchase additional search credits at the prepaid rate (see table above). There are no penalties for going over your monthly purchase.
  8. This is a “no contract” plan. You may stop the automatic monthly purchases of search credits at anytime. You may keep unused search credits for future use, or request a refund if you do not plan to use them.
  9. Recurring monthly payments can be specified in US$, Euros, Brazilian Reals or Indian Rupee.
  10. Plagium reserves the right to terminate monthly payments with any individual customer, customer group, or all customers at any time without cause.
  11. The estimated number of pages is based on an average of 1000 to 4000 characters per page.

Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the search results or operation of Plagium, please notify the Plagium Team at The Plagium Team will refund your latest search credits purchase within 10 days of their purchase. This refund applies to the latest credits purchased, including those credits used and unused.

We are constantly refining Plagium by improving its speed, accuracy, and by adding new features to it. Watch for more functionalities.

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