Privacy Policy


All information obtained from the user registration process is for the use of Septet Systems Inc. only. This information is collected to manage the accounts of Septet Systems Inc. users, provide information to users of Septet Systems Inc. products and services, to generate contact lists for general mailings (postal or email) sent by Septet Systems Inc., as well as to establish a list of potential customers of Septet Systems Inc. No collected information is divulged or sold to any third party (except for possible use of third-party email and postal mailing services conducting business on behalf of Septet Systems Inc.)


Septet Systems Inc. does not claim any rights to any content that is entered into the Plagium Website. Likewise, Septet Systems does not claim any rights to files that are uploaded by the user into the Plagium Website. The user implicitly indemnifies Septet Systems against all third party claims for any content that the user enters or uploads into the Plagium system.


A cookie is a small piece of information that this Web site stores on the hard drive of the user's computer. The next time the user visits the Web site, the cookie information helps facilitate the entry of user information into the Web site (e.g., login information). Septet Systems Inc. will never use cookies to retrieve information from the user's computer that was not originally sent by Septet Systems Inc. to the user in a cookie. Septet Systems Inc. does not use any information transferred through cookies for any promotional or marketing purposes.

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